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Below is the online documentation for WikiPlex. It includes markup samples of all the macros as well, integrating WikiPlex into an existing application, and ways of extending the API.
Note: If you are looking for the API documentation, I recommend visiting the latest release (WikiPlex 2.0) to download the CHM.

Writing WikiPlex Markup

The following macros are supported by WikiPlex. For usage of each macro, please see the Markup Guide.

Integrating WikiPlex into an Application

Integrating WikiPlex is fairly trivial. Simply add a reference to WikiPlex.dll and use the following code to render markup
var engine = new WikiPlex.WikiEngine();
string output = engine.Render("This is my wiki source!");
If you would like to see a more complete sample, download (or browse under trunk/WikiPlex.Web.Sample) the sample application.

Extending the WikiPlex API

There are several ways you can extend WikiPlex. Below are walkthroughs on how to extend WikiPlex to add new macro / rendering functionality.
  1. Custom Macros
  2. Scope Augmenters
  3. Custom Renderers

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