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WikiPlex is a regular expression based wiki engine that allows developers to integrate a wiki experience into an existing .NET application seamlessly and with little effort. Built and used by the CodePlex team, WikiPlex has been thoroughly tested in real-world scenarios!

Sample Site on AppHarbor
WikiPlex v2.0 Released

Macro Support
To view the supported macros that WikiPlex releases with, visit the documentation for more information.

To use WikiPlex, add a reference to WikiPlex.dll in your project. Then, simply use it in any of your classes

var engine = new WikiPlex.WikiEngine();
string output = engine.Render("This is my wiki source!");
For a more complete sample, view the latest source under trunk/WikiPlex.Web.Sample.

Current Status
WikiPlex has released version WikiPlex 2.0

If you are running into errors using WikiPlex, please use our discussion forum for help.
If you have any feature requests or rendering bugs please use our issue tracker, creating work items if needed with a sample of the bad markup.

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